Looking for excellent and dependable security service? Email us your details below, and our friendly customer care associate will call you to assist you with your queries.

Mr. Jerry Fernandez (CSP)
Operations and Marketing Manager
CP No (Smart): 0920-951-8581
CP No (Globe): 0977-171-2657
Email: jafernandez@mibsec.com.ph
Landline: (02) 949-6004, 949-6005
Office Address
2nd Floor Sample Shop Building, AFP-RSBS Industrial Park, Km. 12, SLEX East Service Road, Western Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines

Contact Numbers
(02) 837-6686;
(02) 838-7115;
(02) 837-6301
Fax Number
(02) 837-8484

Email Address
Chief Finance Officer: mrquirante@mibsec.com.ph
Compliance Manager: jeadarlo@mibsec.com.ph
Admin & Logistics: elsantos@mibsec.com.ph
Human Resources: emrodrigo@mibsec.com.ph
Information Technology: elsantos@mibsec.com.ph

For feedback and suggestions, please contact:
Mr. Noel Calingo
ISO Compliance Officer
CP No (Smart): 0908-351-1107
Email: ngcalingo@mibsec.com.ph
Landline: (02) 949-6004

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