In January 2011 the Company established Men In Blue Security Training Center, Inc. ("MIBSTC"), receiving its SEC registration certificate on 05 January 2011. MIBSTC was incorporated with an authorized capital of P2,000,000. Men In Blue created this training institute in response to the growing need for better and more focused training required by large clients with specialized needs. The Company also uses MIBSTC as a guarantee that all of its PSOs and Security Officers (a supervisory level of security guards) go through real training, rather than just purchasing licenses through unscrupulous and poorly-regulated security training centers without actually showing up for the six- or twelve-day training periods.

Accreditation by TESDA and PNP-SOSIA

Men In Blue put three of its own Operations Officers through TESDA's 4-weekend lecturers' training program in order to secure TESDA's accreditation certificates for its lecturers. The TESDA accreditation was received on 29 June 2011 for the training center, and for its lecturers a month later. The company also received its PNP-SOSIA accreditation on 08 July 2011.

MIBSTC`s accredited lecturers include the following:

P/C Supt. Danilo U. Gaoiran - Former Chief of PNP-SOSIA, retired in 2010, is Chairman of the Board of MIBTC.

Gener P. Zulueta - Assistant Manager of MIBSSI and Sector Commander for NCR-Central.

All security guards recruited by Men In Blue are required to undergo retraining at MIBSTC, regardless of whether they hold current security licenses, due to the extensive practice in the training industry of including "no-shows" in their roster of trainees for license renewal purposes. Men In Blue does not take a chance with the training of its own Public Safety Officers.

Training Courses Offered

MIBSTC offers the standard two-week Pre-Licensing Training Course ("PLTC"), accredited with TESDA as NC-I, for all aspiring security guards, and the tri-annual renewal of security licenses which requires a one-week retraining course ("RTC"), designated by TESDA as NC-II.

MIBSTC also offers the Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training, including the Construction Safety Training conducted by Safety Organization of the Philippines, Inc. ("SOPI"). MIBTC will exploit fast developing trends in the commercial office and retailing industries that stress competence in safety procedures in the workplace. Before buildings are ready for occupancy, there occurs massive fitting out activities, requiring the presence of guards trained specifically in construction safety. Those PSOs trained by SOPI will receive a SOPI certificate indicating that he/she has taken the intensive safety and security course.

MIBSTC is also developing the capability to train Protective Agents ("PAs"), otherwise known as VIP Security Officers. MIBSTC is arranging to secure a special permit from PNP-SOSIA to offer this specialized course. Currently, MIBSSI currently maintains five (5) teams of PAs engaged in PLDT, South Luzon Tollways and other corporate entities. These PAs need to undergo refresher training periodically.